Research in Umeå School of Sport Sciences has its emphasis in sports medicine, sports education and sports psychology. Umeå University is the only university in Sweden with chairs sporting focus in both the medical and behavioral topics. But there are also a number of other sports scientist and we can boast of sports research in all faculties.

Sports Medicine

The department of Sports Medicine conducts research to understand how physical activity affects the human body. Several research projects identify injuries in different sports, and primarily aim to develop better preventive and rehabilitative strategies.

Much of the research revolves around osteoporosis, or osteoporosis, and what you can do to prevent the state. Studies of treatment of tendon injuries and deep cartilage damage in the knee joint is also important research areas. The unit has also successfully completed research projects on muscles physiology and regulation of the central circulation.

Department of Education

The department of Education have had sport related research conducted since the late 1970s. The research is broadly focused on three areas:

  • Organized competitive sport. This area includes, for example, studies of children, parents and leaders in various sports, coaching, women and sports, sports and disability, the organization of associations and federations; morals, standards and assessments in sport.
  • The unorganized sport. In the area of disorganized sport conducted studies on gymcultures, health, exercise and leisure habits.
  • The education and school related sports. For the school related research is sport teacher, teaching, and the subject of sport and health center, but also sports high school activities and students' sports and leisure habits have been studied.

Department of Psychology

Sport Psychological research has been conducted at Umeå University
Since the mid 1980s. The research is primarily focused on merger processes in the pursuit of precision sports, but also includes research on social psychological processes in team sports. A feature of the research is the importance it attaches to follow athletes over a long period of time.

Department of nutrition science

The department of nutrition science conducts among other research which includes studies on the effect of lifestyle, diet and inheritance (SELFH). The project is in the current situation two studies about child health, food and physical activity at 10-12 years of age.

Department of Historical Studies

The department of Historical Studies includes history and the history of ideas.Thet conducts research in areas such as women's football, women's sport at the turn of the century and outdoor activities.

*Researchers in ethnology has also toucht on the subject sports, researchers in the Nordic languages have toucht the language of sport, sports journalism and its impact on the language beyond sport.

Department of Integrative Medical Biology (IMB)

Tendinos / tendinopati. Chronic pain in the knee and Achilles tendon (patellar-resp. Achille Senor) is a common and often very troublesome condition affecting both athletes and everyday sports enthusiasts. This often leads to chronic pain, and the subsequent reduction in the function of tendon, to promising sports careers, may be interrupted.

In the case of pain in the Achille tendon affected people with a quiet lifestyle, something that can prevent even light exercise in situations where other conditions (eg within the group metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease) means that the capacity for physical activity is of great importance for the prognosis and well-being.

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