At Umeå University you can choose from 150 programs and nearly 2,000 courses. It is not always easy to know what to study. All education consists of courses, you can either read independently or within a program.

All education is divided into three levels where both rates to programs and degrees are either basic, advanced or graduate level. These must be read in a specific order as they build on each other. It is required that you have passed the previous course to be qualified to the next. The studies listed in credits (hp) and 1.5 credits equivalent to a one-week full-time study. One semester thus generates 30 hp. You can also read courses at a distance or with a lower rate of study and take fewer credits per semester.

If you have any questions about sportseducation please contact Umeå Sport Sciences Center study counselor Pernilla Eriksson 090-786 55 29.

Sport Sciences program

  • The study programme for Sports Science  targeting leadership and organization (sports management) and management and health/wellness (health promotion).
  • Physical Trainer Program
  • Teacher input Sport and Health
  • Teacher Education for teaching in primary and secondary schools in recent years or in high school
  • Psychologist Program with a focus on sports
  • Master program in leadership and organization

Contact Information

Counselor Pernilla Eriksson
Umeå School of Sport Sciences, Umeå University
901 87 Umeå 

Visiting Address
IKSU Sport

Tel:  090-786 55 04

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