Umeå School of Sport Sciences has the largest number of sports students and the broadest range of education in the field of sport in Sweden. Here are four faculties and the School of Education, with sports related courses. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for the combination of elitesport and study by the elite sportspolicy at the university.



Are you an international or exchange student? The study options and application procedure differ depending on whether you are classified as an international student or an exchange student. International students are those who apply on an individual basis. They are also referred to as independent students, free movers or visiting students. Exchange students are students who attend as part of a formal exchange programme or bilateral agreement, such as Erasmus, Nordplus, North2North, Linnaeus-Palme. These students must be first nominated by their home universities before applying.

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Study environment - Umeå University

Umeå University is one of the largest universities in the country with graduate studies and research in all scientific fields. Umeå University had 28 440 students in undergraduate and 136 graduate students last year (2008).


  • Postgraduate. Umeå University has graduate studies in all fields of science.
  • Studies on basic and advanced level (bachelor's and master's and Master's degree) and professional degrees. Umeå University offers 41 degree courses, which are significant parts of the diploma courses available in the country, and is the seat of learning in the country which has the second highest degree courses.


Access to student accommodation is very good in Umeå. Student accommodation is within walking or biking distance from the university. As a student you can choose to rent a student apartment or an ordinary dwelling. Private rooms are furnished. The annual rent are divided in ten months, June and July are rent-free. The rent includes heat, water, electricity. Student apartments are available from one room to four rooms and some of them are furnished. Annual rent are divided in 12 months. The rent includes heat and water but not household electricity. Student housing has cable TV and Internet access.

To hire a student dwelling you must study at least 10 credits per semester. This reservation is to facilitate students' ability to find a home in Umeå. More than 700 new student flats are built on Liljansberg located right next to campus and the planned new athletics stadium. The existing student areas are; Ålidhem, Mariehemsvägen, Nydalahöjd, Carlshem and Tunnelbacken.

Emergency Room Service by YMCA

New students in Umeå, which is in urgent need of housing in the beginning of the semester will get help by The Emergency Room Service operated by the YMCA on behalf of Umeå Municipality.

Temporary housing

God access in hotels, there are about 1,500 hotel rooms within 15 minutes walking distance from the university and more than 2,000 hotel rooms in total in the city. A major hotel is on university campuses. There are also opportunities for camping and hostel.

Elite sport studentes and coaches

For those who are elite athletes and elite coaches and want to study there are excellent opportunities in Umeå. Please contact the Umeå School of Sport Sciences counselor Pernilla Eriksson for more information.